• BRAE, REVIVAL Gorgeous Shine Oil, 60ml

BRAE, REVIVAL Gorgeous Shine Oil, 60ml


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BRAE, REVIVAL Gorgeous Shine Oil, 60ml

What is Shine Oil and what does it do? The Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil is lipid replenishing and perfect for giving a final touch for beautiful, silky smooth healthy hair. The Shine Oil consists of coconut oil, avocado oil and macadamia oil. These key active ingredients serve to hydrate, nourish, seal and strengthen dry tips in order to create shiny, soft and vivid hair. Consistent use of this shine oil yields an extra benefit of preventing split ends from occurring. Along with being a finalizer, this product can also be incorporated for use as a nourishing mask. Active ingredients: Avocado Oil Naturally rich in fatty acids, packed with proteins which help restore the health of your scalp Coconut Oil Boasts a complete range of nutrient that work in harmony to repair damaged hair Macadamia Oil This key oil component serves to uphold deep and long-lasting hydration. Consisting of omega 6,7, 9 and vitamin E which restores the softness ad silkiness of dry dull and damaged hair in addition to toughening hair fibres and helping to protect the scalp. This one ingredient ensures your hair is kept heathy and shiny How to use and apply Step by Step Contains: 1 x Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil Start by applying a few drops of Revival gorgeous Shine Oil onto your palm of your hand. Then, distribute the product through your hair until it is fully absorbed Style as desired Recommendation: In order to maximise the power of your capillary treatment mask, apply a few drops of the Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil.

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