• BRAE REVIVAL Two Steps a New Hair. 120ml

BRAE REVIVAL Two Steps a New Hair. 120ml


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BRAE REVIVAL Two Steps a New Hair. 120ml

What is Revival and what does it do? Revival is an effective treatment for severely damaged and weak hair and produces instant results with its innovative ula is made up of a blend of vitamins that eventually deep restores and nourishes all hair fibre layers for cleaner, smoother and healthier looking hair. Active ingredients: Keratin Protein Promotes hair strength. Rich in Glycine, cystine, cysteine and packed with essential amino acids which aids in replenishing the weights of hair strands for a more consistent and healthy hair growth for the user Wheat protein Serves to repair the keratin layers in damaged hair, restoring hair volume and shape Silk Protein Minimises hair porosity and lines up the cuticles. This results in soft, silky and flexible hair, making it an important active ingredient for fortifying the hairs elastic effect Seaweed Rich in polysaccharides, natural vitamins and amino acids that acts as a biological anchor by storing water in hair fibres to improve the silkiness and vibrance of the hair. These properties combine to produce a nourishing and revitalizing hair treatment procedure. Amino Acids Amino acids are the building blocks of hair proteins. A loss of amino acids in the hair can be detrimental and it is very important to replenish them to maintain hair reconstruction. Macadamia oil This key oil component serves to uphold deep and long-lasting hydration. Consisting of omega 6,7, 9 and vitamin E which restores the softness ad silkiness of dry dull and damaged hair in addition to toughening hair fibres and helping to protect the scalp. This one ingredient ensures your hair is kept heathy and shiny. Ojon oil This Caribbean miracle elixir is dense in lipids, fatty acids, amino acids and natural antioxidants which work together to create healthy hair. 

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